Galina has been riding for over twenty years. Although she dabbled in the hunter/jumper and eventing disciplines when she was younger, dressage has long been her focus. At the moment, she trains and works alongside Canadian Grand Prix rider, Denielle Gallagher-LeGriffon who is also based out of the Ramapo Equestrian Center. "I love the idea of perfection, that you can achieve that with a horse. The perfect transition or the perfect connection. Dressage is a discipline you could never be too good at."


Galina works to instill the same desire for perfection in all of her students. "We work a lot on basics, correct position, correct figures, correct corners. It's not about did you get the right lead canter, it's about how you got it." She insists on mastery of these basics for all students, even if they do not plan to remain exclusively dressage riders. 


Galina enjoys working with a variety of horses. She excels with horses deemed 'problem horses' by others. She firmly believes that most 'bad' horses are simply misunderstood and finds nothing more satisfying than seeing their true natures emerge.

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Galina & Xena